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Ask Dr. Syl: Lockdown Bath & Body Care Trends

Posted by Wosh Brand on
Ask Dr. Syl: Lockdown Bath & Body Care Trends - WOSH

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Topics covered- Personal hygiene, pandemic and society, beauty products  


The current pandemic has catapulted personal hygiene into the global spotlight. Amidst all the uncertainty, a focus on optimum safety and well-being has been a positive development that will likely endure at least as long as the pandemic itself. 

Best practices to minimize the spread of COVID-19 have been mandated, or at a minimum strongly encouraged. Such practices include physical distancing, wearing a mask and frequent hand washing.

How has the pandemic impact Bath & Body Care?

According to the Global Cosmetic Industry Bath and body care rituals and product, preferences are being reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting hygiene, hand care and self-care concerns. These shifts are causing a significant jump in products such as hand sanitizers and soothing products.



A massive shift in human behaviour and interest in personal health has ensued. Of particular interest has been that of skincare and its related products. Individuals are not only treating their skin more often, their cleansing routines are longer and more elaborate. 

Therein lies all the more reason to use products that won’t inadvertently harm rather than help your skin. One of the many beauties of WOSH is the effectiveness of cleansing while simultaneously nourishing your tissue.


Go ahead, WOSH up and heed the health-promoting advice with a ‘clean’ conscious! Don't just wash, WOSH!

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