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Equity Policy

 At WOSH, we believe in diversity, equity and inclusion.
We believe that great ideas and discoveries come from a mix of backgrounds and experiences. We believe in the diversity of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs and the inclusion of people regardless of their race, physical ability, gender, language, national origin, religion, orientation, or age. 
As a company, we believe that activism is everyone’s responsibility. In addition to supporting the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, WOSH is committed to being an anti-racist organization by creating an environment where all employees are valued equally; where employees feel safe to discuss race and the significance of race in our organization and our lives. We are committed to doing the ongoing work, finding partner(s) in need to donate to, and developing tangible ways to put our company values of equality into consistent practice.
We are committed to listening and growing. We are committed to intentionally studying the impacts of race and racism throughout the organization, through WOSH content, branding and marketing. 
Our strength is in our commitment to be inclusive, with intentional strategies to uplift marginalized identities and people within our field. 
             At WOSH, we are growing a company where differences are championed and inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative.