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Our Secret Ingredient


Kisameet Glacial Clay

Kisameet Glacial Clay is a significant ingredient in our proprietary formula. Created by volcanic activity during the end of the Ice Age, this dense material settled in a granite basin. Over centuries rainforest flora surrounded and preserved the mineral clay deposit, contributing to the clay’s unique properties. Kisameet Glacial Clay is now recognized by the global scientific and medical community for its unique healing properties.


The Place

The Kisameet Glacial Clay Deposit is located along the rugged Canadian shoreline on British Columbia’s Central Coast. It sits in the middle of Coastal First Nations’ traditional territory, steeped in history and natural resources in one of the planet's richest biodiverse rainforests. Kisameet Glacial Clay is only known to exist in this specific region of the world.


The Harvest

Kisameet Glacial Clay is harvested in low-impact ways that avoid or minimize any potential site contamination from pollutants that may negatively impact the environment. The clay itself is hand-harvested by people indigenous to the area, who have been using the clay for a variety of internal and external therapeutic uses for centuries.


The Process

WOSH mineral bars are made using a tallow free cold-process method, in which only selected plant derived oils and Kisameet Glacial Clay are saponified at very low temperatures. The blend of natural* ingredients and Kisameet Glacial Clay are poured into molds, covered and then racked to cure slowly.

*During the saponification (soap-making) process, sodium hydroxide (Lye) is required. Once cured, it evaporates and only the natural ingredients remain.