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Ask Dr. Syl: 4 Common Summer Skin Conditions and How You Can Treat Them

Posted by Wosh Brand on
Ask Dr. Syl: 4 Common Summer Skin Conditions and How You Can Treat Them

Read time- 6 minutes

Topics covered- Heat rash, Sun burn, Razor Burn, Insect bites and their cures


With the long-awaited summer season finally upon us, many will likely spend more time outdoors -- perhaps poolside, on the bike or camping in the wild. Along with the pleasantries of summer comes the potential for less desirable skin issues.

You’ll find four of the most common skin conditions that may arise in the summer along with some simple ways to address them using The WOSH Mineral Bar.


  1. How to Treat Heat Rash

    Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash

    Higher body temperatures result in increased sweat production. If the sweat glands become blocked, the sweat will accumulate under the skin causing several itchy bumps.

    A simple solution is to thoroughly wash the affected skin with WOSH and cold water, then pat the area dry. Apply a cold compress for 15 minutes and then allow the area to air dry.

    If the rash persists after several applications, apple cider vinegar diluted in water in a 1:2 ratio can be administered. After 10 minutes, use WOSH to clean the affected skin.


    1. How to Treat Sun Burn

    Photo by margot pandone on Unsplash

    For individuals living in northern climates, much of their skin has had limited sun exposure for the majority of the year. Unaccustomed skin surfaces may incur damage from even a little exposure to sunlight’s UVA and UVB rays. Redness, dryness and blistering may result.

    A cool compress should be applied to immediately soothe the burnt skin. Leave the compress on for up to 15 minutes at a time. A cool cucumber paste may also be applied to the skin to aid with the discomfort from a burn.

    After such compresses, use WOSH and cool water to gently clean the damaged skin and let it air dry. Do not scrub the area.


    1. How to Treat Razor Burn

    Photo by Anelya Okapova on Unsplash

    More time spent in fewer clothes in the summer often results in greater frequency and more skin being shaved. Shaving too roughly or too close to the skin may cause razor burn where the skin will become red and bumpy.

    Should razor burn occur, it is imperative the skin is treated delicately. Pressing firmly on sharply cut hair may cause it to bend and penetrate into the skin possibly causing irritation and infection. Rinse the area with cold water to close the pores of the skin.

    Apply WOSH to the burn and leave it on for 2 minutes before rinsing. The fine minerals in WOSH will help soothe the irritation and nourish the skin.


    1. How to Treat Insect Bites

    Whether it be camping, trail running, hiking or picnicking, insect exposure will flourish in the summer. For severe bites, caution should be had and first aid should be administered.

    For less worrisome, yet still very irritating bites, WOSH may provide almost instant relief. Clean the bite with WOSH and leave it for at least 2 minutes before rinsing it off. Repeat the procedure as often as needed.


     These are just a few examples of why and how to incorporate WOSH as part of your summer armour, stay clean, safe and thoroughly bask in these beautiful summer months.


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