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Kristin Neumann

Co-founder at MyMicrobiome AG

Kristin Neumann is the founder of the information platform MyMicrobiome and a passionate scientist, with a PhD in Microbiology. Her professional career, via molecular biology and research on an antibiotic alternative, lead her to form MyMicrobiome. Dr. Neumann’s realization of how important an intact microbiome is for the individual’s wellness factored into her decision to summarize the science around the microbiome. She developed a free information platform and has made it available to her fellow human beings.

The industry already picked up the microbiome trend and promises to improve the microbiome without regulation and very often without scientific evidence. That is why MyMicrobiome developed the world's first and only quality standard for microbiome-friendly cosmetics and personal care products, which is now complemented by a certification for probiotics in nutrition.

But how do you know what is the best choice for your microbiome?

MyMicrobiome has developed the world’s first and only certification for microbiome-friendly cosmetics and personal care products. When testing conventional cosmetics versus consciously formulated products in thier laboratories, they see a clear difference when it comes to their impact on skin microbes.

MyMicrobiome chooses the most abundant microbes of each body area, cultivated them in the lab and mixed them with cosmetic products to see how the products act on those microbes. If a product shows to have no influence on the key microbes of our skin, they are awarded the `microbiome-friendly` seal.