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Less is more 

We carefully select our ingredients to use what your skin needs. Our mineral bars are only made with 7 ingredients! Leaving out the bad and keeping the good.

WOSH, made for your skin microbiome

Ingredient Highlight

Safflower (seed oil)

Safflower seed oil is rich source of vitamin E. When combined with other ingredients, safflower seed oil helps to fight acne and unclogs pores.

Kisolite® Biogenic
Mineral Powder (Glacial Clay)

Kisolite® Biogenic Mineral Powder (BMP) is an abundant source of micronutrients for the skin including Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Calcium. 

Tea Tree Oil

With other medicinal uses, Tea Tree oil is primarily used to treat fungal acne. Its natural nutrients help skin to be bacteria free and clean.

Our Magic Ingredient  

More about Kisolite® BMP

Kisolite® Biogenic Mineral Powder (BMP) (Glacial Clay) is formed from clay that is found of the coastline of British Columbia, Canada. Kisolite® BMP (Glacial Clay) began thousands of years ago underneath the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, a mile-thick sheet of ice that covered the West Coast of Canada during the last Ice Age, approx. 14,000 years ago.