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Ask Dr. Syl: Skincare Guide for Athletes

Posted by Wosh Brand on
Ask Dr. Syl: Skincare Guide for Athletes - WOSH

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Topics covered- Skincare for athletes


Athletes like to go hard. Whether it’s lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing, sprinting, jumping, etc., the efforts are typically very demanding on all their physiological systems. Recovery is vital to subsequent favorable performances. Post-training and competition rituals typically include soothing achy muscles with various liniments, reversing energy deficits with nutritious wholesome foods and cooling body temperatures with applications of ice.


The integumentary system is one such system athletes often overlook in terms of recovery and body care, yet it sustains considerable wear and tears with their lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the why, when and how WOSH may play a crucial role in the healthy sportsperson’s team.  


Athletes have specific skincare needs that go beyond that of sedentary folks or weekend warriors. Whether it be chronic sun or chlorine excess, copious sweating, equipment abrasions, etc., their skin requires special attention or damage easily ensues with the repetitive exposures. Helmets, pads, caps, etc., may not allow heat to escape or place undue pressure on the skin, both potentially causing irritations such as breakouts of acne. Acne develops when pores become congested with sebum and dead skin.


Sharing gym equipment may be another source of concern. Barbells, handlebars and gym mats are just some examples of bacterial hosts that may easily spread amongst patrons. Team locker rooms and showers are convenient but similarly pose as an ideal breeding ground for germs without extreme diligence. Being toe-to-toe with your competitors or physically grappling for a loose ball means not just managing one’s excretions. The aforementioned are just a few select scenarios that highlight the obvious need for a deep post-workout cleaning.


The optimal time to wash is immediately after a workout so pores can be cleared of waste products, dirt and debris. This recommendation still applies in the case of doing multiple workouts and necessitates numerous and timely cleaning for maintenance of good hygiene. The naturally fine texture and gentleness of the clay in the WOSH bar eliminate the worry of drying out the skin with frequent washing. 


Using lukewarm water will aid skin permeability facilitating removal of waste and absorption of minerals. Allowing WOSH to remain on the skin for at least two minutes before rinsing will help ensure the greatest benefits are obtained by its use.


 Hopefully, this served to justify the specific considerations for athletes when it comes to skincare. The routine practice of cleaning, nourishing and rehydrating skin with WOSH after exercise will help minimize any undesirable skin conditions while preserving a healthy post-workout glow! Don't just wash, WOSH!

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