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Flawless Feature: Matthew Baniak

Posted by Wosh Brand on
Flawless Feature: Matthew Baniak - WOSH

WOSH Community, meet Matthew Baniak!

Matt is someone everyone wants to be around - his positive outlook and good vibes always leave you feeling refreshed (and wanting more). Matt is an Actor and Life Coach alongside being an Astrologer & Tarot reader, so you can bet he incorporates both in every conversation and session he gives. 


As a long time WOSH supporter, we sat down to ask Matt what his secret is to life, skincare and what drives him.

Name: Matthew Baniak 

Occupation: Actor, Life Coach and Astrologer & Tarot reader at Still Water Alchemy 

Location: Toronto, Canada

What are your top skincare essentials?

WOSH Mineral Bar (seriously, I use it every day). Vitamin C Serum from Timeless. And SPF, especially in the Summer months.

What is your skincare routine?

The biggest thing I do for my skin is my nutrition/lifestyle, to be honest. I drink a LOT of water, and I am Vegan. Those two factors really play a big part in my skincare regime on a daily basis.

What is beauty to you?

Beauty is continually striving to be your best self - internally and externally. Just like in life, there is no "quick fix" when it comes to beauty and I think that's what society has backwards. It's not just going in for Botox or Filler on a routine basis - it really is a daily practice to look and feel your best so that you age gracefully with style and confidence.

Who inspires you?

People who are honest and authentic

My simple pleasures:

Pasta and Napping

The award I’ll most likely to be nominated for:

Best Actor in a Leading Role

What are you most grateful for?

To be raised in Canada where there is unlimited potential to pursue whatever dream you desire.

 To learn more about Matt or the services he offers, visit his website or follow him on Instagram


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