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How to properly wear a mask

Posted by Wosh Brand on
How to properly wear a mask - WOSH

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Topics covered- face masks, world during pandemic 

With facemasks now part of our regular daily attire, behaviours that maximize their effectiveness just as well be adopted. Obvious is fitting and adequately covering the nose and mouth to increase protection.

Perhaps less intuitive, minimizing the potential of pathogenic transmission begins and ends with hand washing. While the spread of the coronavirus may be mainly via respiratory droplets, touching a contaminated surface followed by touching one’s nose, mouth or potential eyes, may offer another viable route.

For this very reason, the application and removal of a facemask pose risks without clean hands. Institutions such as John Hopkins have thankfully highlighted these critical yet frequently overlooked steps

Click here to read John Hopkins' mask-wearing tips to get the maximum protection for yourself and others.


 Wearing masks is necessary for us and everyone around us. But one needs to be mindful about the things they touch before touching their face and nose to remove the mask. Washing hands regularly can prevent us from being infected. Don’t just wash, WOSH!

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