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“My daughter developed a skin condition and the Doctor advised that she had eczema and a fungal infection. He prescribed a topical medication that was only good for seven days. The salve worked but the eczema and fungus returned after a short time. It was so bad that my daughter scratched to the point that her skin would bleed. Someone told me about WOSH mineral bar with Kisameet Clay. After using it on my daughter, her skin quickly cleared up within a few days. I’m convinced that this product is better than any pharmaceutical product on the market.”

- Courtney from Calgary


“Memorial Day weekend I got sunburned on the sides of my body. The burn was so bad it caused open wounds. I decided to try applying WOSH mineral bar. I lathered it in a bowl of water and applied it to the affected area and I reapplied it every couple hours. My husband wrapped me up like a mummy in gauze for the first two days. I didn’t want to risk getting a staph infection and the mineral bar with Kisameet sealed it up completely when nothing else would.”

- Erin from Texas


“Our three year old daughter has suffered with severe eczema since she was born. After unsatisfactory results from a prescribed topical ointment, friends introduced us to WOSH mineral bar. We used the product the night we received it, simply by lathering our hands and washing the affected areas. The very next morning we were shocked to see that her eczema was cleared. Needless to say, the ointment prescription has been tossed aside and we now rely on this soap to cure her eczema any time it flares up.“

- Nicole & Ben Szuuts