WOSH Body Bar

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WOSH Mineral Bar

Designed for your skin’s microbiome.

The WOSH mineral bar, exclusively made with Kisolite Biogenic Mineral Powder (BMP) and its 40+ minerals, was designed to support, balance and nourish your skin’s microbiome. It can be used from head to toe as a daily cleanser, mask and blemish treatment. 


  • Kisolite Biogenic Mineral Powder (BMP)
  • Safflower Seed Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil

How to WOSH

Wet and lather the mineral bar, apply the lather on desired area and rinse off with water, continue with your rituals 

For skin concerns - leave lather on the area for 5mins, rinse off with water and continue your rituals. 

To maximize the life of your Mineral Bar, keep it as dry as possible between uses. We suggest the use of a draining soap dish.


Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, Kisolite Biogenic Mineral Powder (BMP), elaeis guineensis (sustainable palm) oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil

Formulated without parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances.

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United States
smooth feel and mild fragrance

My husband has skin eruption issues and so is testing out this product, hoping it will help to ease his skin issues. We’d like to buy the clay in a powdered form, to use after showering with the soap, if at all possible.

Canada Canada
My new obsession

I have been using my body bar for over a month. My facial acne has gone away. I let the soap sit for about 2-3min and rinse. I can't believe how long the one bar has lasted.

Tyler A.
Canada Canada
Truly Amazing!

The all natural ingredients and the unique formulation from the natural clay is wonderful. Helps with healing and softening the skin. Used daily for hand washing the healing effects are felt instantly. Amazing natural soap!

Canada Canada
Travel Bar

I started using the travel bar on my feet about 2 months ago. I have psoriasis on the bottom of my feet so they were pretty cracked, dry and skin was rough. Now my feet are healing, little or no cracks left, skin is coming back to normal, I'm very happy! I have started using the bar on my face (3 days ago) as I had 2 white heads on my nose that would not go away...they are disappearing. Now I am only going to use the bar, no more soap. Totally love the product!

Jennifer K.
Canada Canada
Love this soap!

Lathers up so well and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Our whole family (3 teenagers) is enjoying using this soap.

Linda H.
Canada Canada
The Best Soap!

My skin is definitely softer only after a week of using this soap. And my daughter’s acne is slowly clearing up and her skin looks brighter.

Kelly L.
Canada Canada
Soothed and healed

I had 3rd degree burns that I was really struggling to heal. I was gifted a bar of this Wosh and I was completely healed in a week. I had tried everything before the Wosh and couldnt heal or get relief. As soon as I lathered this soap on my wounds it soothed my skin. It is now all I use.

WOSH WOSH Body Bar ReviewWOSH WOSH Body Bar Review
Kelly L.
Canada Canada
Mind blown

I recently finished a big part of the sleeve of my tattoo. It turned out absolutely beautiful and then the tattoo artist wrapped my arm in a saniderm tape that most people wouldn't react to. Well I ended up with third degree chemical burns and no skin on my arm. I was on antibiotics for a week. They did nothing. Still no skin on my arm. After 3 weeks of being in so much pain. Not being able to put my hair in a ponytail or dress myself. I missed three weeks of work and I own a restaurant so that's like 8 weeks of work in my industry. I called it flesh eating tattoo disease and nobody wanted to see my arm and then try to eat. I was gifted a bar of this magic soap. I went home lathered it up and put it on my wounds. Finally after 3 weeks something soothed my skin and my arm stopped burning. I used it for 2 days 3 times a day. Then I was gifted the actual clay that goes into the soap. I applied it right to the wound and left it on for 2 days. Because it was healing my wounds so fast I did have to spray it down every once in awhile but as it fell off I had skin practically healed scabs and 5 days later I'm almost totally healed. I gave a little bit of the soap to my auntie. During the winter months her fingers crack and split open. Her fingers are all healed after 4 days of using the soap. I honestly can't say enough about this product and how fast it healed me. I absolutely highly recommend you order a bar to have just in case.

WOSH WOSH Body Bar ReviewWOSH WOSH Body Bar ReviewWOSH WOSH Body Bar ReviewWOSH WOSH Body Bar ReviewWOSH WOSH Body Bar Review
Julie H.
Canada Canada
The Soap of the Season!

Best product to treat yourself during these cold dry winter months! Love the Wosh fragrance as a bonus!

Michelle D.
Canada Canada
Where has this been all my life?!

I absolutely love WOSH, my boyfriend and I are now converts - I feel bad for regular soap now because it just doesn't compare. My skin feels fantastic, even amidst the cold, dry winter. I highly recommend WOSH and wish you'd sell it in bulk!

Kendall G.
Canada Canada
Works wonders for my skin

This bar is incredible. I've had acne trouble that started in my early 20s, and I tried what seemed to be a new product every 6-12 months and none showed lasting results. After the first use, my WOSH bar was the first face wash that did not make my skin feel immediately dried out. After a couple weeks of use, I noticed my skin was smoother and my spots had lessened. After I finished the first bar, my acne flare ups were less pronounced and I was getting new breakouts way less consistently than I've had in years. Yes, I still get acne... but it feels much more manageable thanks to this bar. Plus, it's easy to travel with, smells great, and lasts a long time.

Britni B.
United States United States

I am not one who enjoys bar soaps. Not even a little bit. I’ve never liked that “squeaky clean” feeling on my skin so I have always leaned towards body washes. I tried a WOSH bar from a friend and have not even peeked back! This soap has changed my life and my skin for the better! Probably the best it’s ever looked or felt. Between adult acne on my face and body, random skin “things”, and general skin health, WOSH has become my skin’s best friend. My breakouts have mellowed out. My skin feels like butter always. AND! It is an amazing healer for tattoos. I’ve healed two already! If you’re suffering from any type of skin condition or aggravation, I highly recommend this soap. The smell is mildly earthy but, leaves kind of sweet smell on the skin. And definitely snag some lip balm because wow! A+ for WOSH!

Tracey S.

I'm 57 years old...and my skin is slightly oily and I still break out. I love my Wosh bar. It heals up my breakouts and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

Emmanuelle A.

At first I was a little sceptical this would work but I am hopeful! It really leaves you feeling clean 100%. I haven’t seen any changes yet but I’ll keep using it.

John L.

I like the scent free chemistry of the bar and excellent cleaning action of the ingredients with no residue whatsoever. On the negative side is how quickly this small bar disappears making it uneconomical for the person of moderate means.

Nicole J.

Wonderful product. Feels natural on the skin and my body has been craving all natural.