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A COVID Summer Of Community, Despite Social Distance

Posted by Wosh Brand on
A COVID Summer Of Community, Despite Social Distance - WOSH

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Topics covered- society during pandemic, healthy habits, soap and it's ingredients 


2020 has been a year of change impacting myriad aspects of human existence worldwide. From the delivery of education, to the format of work and guidelines of recreation, global behaviours have ‘virtually’ and most literally been affected.

In an effort to continue functioning at pre-pandemic levels, creativity is abound and flourishing amongst the tumult. With safety being the catalyst, human hygiene has expeditiously reshaped social etiquette. A greater emphasis of engaging in the outdoors has served to partially moderate massive infection rates of the novel coronavirus.


Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash


As cooler temperatures near and time spent indoors increases this dampening action will regrettably factor less into play. Personal hygiene will become that much more critical with the clustering of individuals indoors. Using traditional soap may have been common former practice, however time is of the essence to create new lifestyle habits that will not only withstand the viral threat, but also not harm the skin in the process.

Conventional soap formulations contain a plethora of ingredients, such as fragrances and parabens, which should be avoided.


 Amidst all the uncertainty of the forthcoming season, creating new health-promoting lifestyle habits, such as ‘WOSHing’ the way nature intended, will certainly help mitigate the risk. Don't just wash, WOSH!


PHOTOS: A Summer Of Community, Despite Social Distance

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