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Kisameet Clay Magic

Posted by Wosh Brand on
Kisameet Clay Magic

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Topics covered- Research on Kisameet Glacial Clay and it's history 


Kisameet Glacial Clay, native to British Columbia, is exclusively found approximately 250 miles north of Vancouver on the north shore of Kisameet Bay near the southern tip of King Island. Far away from any major metropolis, marine detritus and industrial pollutants, Kisameet Glacial Clay is virtually unexposed to environmental contaminants making it a pure source of mineral clay. It is believed by geo-scientists that this clay was formed and deposited approximately 10,000 years ago, near the end of the last Ice Age.



First used by Coastal First Nations, Kisameet Clay has been considered a “healing clay” for topical and internal ailments for centuries. Studies on the clay began in the 1940s by MIT, and over six years of extensive research continues at UBC to support the clay’s remarkable medicinal and healing properties.

We’ve harnessed the incredible power of Kisameet Glacial Clay and its surrounding biome of 40+ minerals in our powerhouse formula. It effectively helps nourish and replenish the skin’s microbiome whilst also fighting bacteria, fungi and pathogens. 


Kisameet Clay is a unique ingredient which has been untouched and uncontaminated. Backed up with scientific research, this grey clay is excellent for skin care as it is natural and contains healing properties. Don't just wash, WOSH! 

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